Travel Art : The perfect antidote to an imperfect world

Travel Art : The perfect antidote to an imperfect world

What is Art to you? Art is often referred to as some sort of expression or application of creative skills. That’s the most basic dictionary explanation which is so blahhh. Being a hobbyist artist since I was just 4 years old made me realise it’s something one just can’t define. To me the definition of art has changed according to phases in my life and so has the style. 

Art is love, art is coping up, art is full of emotions ( your emotions ), art is meditative and i’ll go on and on…

There was a phase I used to only sketch faces of celebrities, mostly amateurish. I then turned into a wannabe cartoonist, that’s because I attended a two months workshop on cartooning. After sketching and playing more with pencil, I started craving for colours in my work. I turned to canvas painting for some solace. Started with oil painting and soon realised Mumbai is so not the place for it as my paintings used to take ages to dry. I totally gave up on it and moved on to acrylic painting on canvas and succeeded quite a bit in that ( as a hobbyist ) . 

Having traveled a bit here and there and playing with my photography skills once in a while, I wanted to portray my love for travel and my emotions in a more unusual way. I  recently turned to a unique form of art — ‘Travel Art’ using Pen and Ink and sometimes watercolours too. It’s quick, light to carry while you are traveling, you can make art on your trip, you can sit at home in any corner of the house and sketch or paint by simply looking at photograph you clicked, you don’t need an easel or a range of art materials and you will totally love it.

There are endless amount of pen and ink techniques.  Drawing techniques used with ink can be as varied as the artists that use them.  There are, of course, a few that are used with some frequency.  Some of them include, hatching, cross contour, cross hatching, random lines, stippling and ink wash. You can also refer to some online courses on Udemy and Coursera or simply log onto youtube for some free lessons on these techniques. 

All you need is a set of fibre tip pens, a paper, sometimes fountain pens with various nibs, a drawing ink bottle, a small box of watercolour cakes and pen brushes ( see photographs for reference ).




I have managed to make some art below but need a lot of practise and consistency ( which I am bad at 😉  Some of my art here also includes my free hand acrylic work and some basic watercolour technique.

Florence : Duomo di Firenze


How can one not sketch this down…. Italy is a paradise for anyone who loves art.

Rome : Also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre




A place you will instantly fall in love with…I tried some water colour techniques to make grass using an old credit card.

Myanmar : Hot air balloons of Bagan


Colmar, France



This fairytale city is located in north-eastern France and it’s unique colourfulness which dominates the old city, cannot be found anywhere else in the world. I tried my hands at watercolour with Pen and Ink for the first time.

Istanbul : The view of the Bosphorus River


This was a try at free hand acrylic on canvas.

Looks like there is scope for a lot of improvement. So if you love art, in any form don’t hold yourself back. You don’t need to be a professional artist to sketch or paint…Art is messy and full of mistakes….As my favourite teacher Boss Ross said — “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents”.  

Art is contagious, pass it on 🙂

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